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A Practical Guide to Welding Solutions. Overcoming Technical and Material-Specific Issues

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As critically important as welding is to a wide spectrum of manufacturing, construction, and repair, it is not without its problems. Those dependent on welding know only too well how easy it is to find information on the host of available processes and on the essential metallurgy that can enable success, but how frustratingly difficult it can be to find guidance on solving problems that sooner or later arise with welding, welds, or weldments. Here for the first time is the book those that practice and/or depend upon welding have needed and awaited. A Practical Guide to Welding Solutions addresses the numerous technical and material-specific issues that can interfere with success. Renowned industrial and academic welding expert and prolific author and speaker Robert W. Messler, Jr. guides readers to the solutions they seek with a well-organized search based on how a problem manifests itself (i.e., as distortion, defect, or appearance), where it appears (i.e., in the fusion zone, heat-affected zone, or base metal), or in which materials or situations. True to form, Dr. Messler makes readers feel he is speaking directly to them with his clear conversational but unambiguous writing style. Figures, tables and footnotes complement and augment the text suited to welding neophytes and veterans alike.

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