Среди бессонницей расставленных ловушек Я, угодив в одну из них, ее прошу Отдать меня на растерзанье колкой стуже.. Простив весну за опозданье, ухожу. Но ты.. Ты сможешь ли простить мне этот пепел, Что прогорев однажды, впредь не оживет? Простишь ли ты мне мою жизнь в панельном склепе, Мое затворничество и стихи, мой лед? Ты сможешь ли принять в

The Perfect Escape: Romantic short stories to relax with

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A free collection of short stories from some of the top names in women’s fiction today. Featuring irresistible tales of love, friendship, betrayal and passion, from Claudia Carroll, Miranda Dickinson, Julia Williams and many others, The PERFECT ESCAPE is the must-have collection of the year.Each short story is followed by exclusive extracts of each of the authors upcoming titles.Everyone’s against Claire marrying Barry in Don’t Marry Barry. Claire is determined to prove them wrong. If only she could get a significant ex out of her head …Four for Home is the moving story of Jim, left by the love of his life to bring up his three young daughters …My Midsummer Miracle is the story of Lizzie, who is penniless and lonely. Before she died, Lizzie’s mother promised her some midsummer magic. This Midsummer's’ Day will Lizzie’s fortunes be changed?Amanda’s excited about her hen party in The Naughty Girls Hen Weekend. But the best laid plans never do run smoothly …In The Psychic 32-year-old lawyer Gina does nothing but work. Little does she realise that a surprise gift to see a psychic will change her life …The Goslathon is Stella Newman’s witty tribute to Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling.Soldedad had thought she had finally tamed womaniser Lance in The Clause. But leopards can’t change their spots and when a mystery woman catches Lance’s eye on holiday, sparks fly …

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